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  1. 23 Sep, 2020 33 commits
  2. 22 Sep, 2020 7 commits
    • Amir Sarabadani's avatar
      Migrate ipblocks_restrictions to abstract schema · 3db2a915
      Amir Sarabadani authored
      Also dropping the fkey on ir_ipb_id in Postgres as approved by RFC T164898
      Bug: T230428
      Bug: T164898
      Change-Id: Iaddec3b9992eee39fe82a45d5bda59bd51cde510
    • jdlrobson's avatar
      Expose portlet data in SkinMustache · 7f0412e6
      jdlrobson authored
      This data structure is sufficient to generate menus in
      all Wikimedia deployed skins.
      This new method will be used immediately in Example skin:
      and Vector skin:
      Bug: T262098
      Bug: T255924
      Change-Id: I1a163cac0bff7620dcac50350cb6b93445a0cfbc
    • Reedy's avatar
      Disable deprecated warning in Language::commafy() for non numeric string · 10b0e146
      Reedy authored
      Bug: T263592
      Bug: T237467
      Change-Id: I7a24659dd0931b59bdb01a283b6f8f81e933406a
    • daniel's avatar
      Add FindMissingActors script. · dbe7fdb9
      daniel authored
      This allows bad actor IDs to be overwritten with some default. This
      solves the problem of rows in tables like ipblocks, logging, or
      revision not being found due to a failing join against the actor table.
      Bug: T261325
      Change-Id: Ibc554d0b6f52e7b30cdde5138ac165774831ec36
    • jenkins-bot's avatar
      Merge "Standardize portlets across skins" · 2cf7e664
      jenkins-bot authored
    • jdlrobson's avatar
      Standardize portlets across skins · 6d967ed4
      jdlrobson authored
      Skins currently are expecting to provide their own IDs and classes
      and to manage the behaviour of empty portlets. This moves that logic
      into the skin via a new method that skins using SkinMustache can
      make use of.
      Importantly this will make menus consistently have a class
      mw-portlet across the MediaWiki skin universe and a unique
      class that reflects its identity.
      Three new methods are provided to mediawiki util relating to portlet
      visibility. The associated class is added to the interface
      Please see usage in Vector here for how this will be used:
      Bug: T256897
      Bug: T253938
      Change-Id: I2ba68122fd82a254a5ad0e45157f095508f6fa39
    • C. Scott Ananian's avatar
      Allow parserTests to declare a dependency on a particular extension · c4431776
      C. Scott Ananian authored
      The parsertests file allows certain tests to declare a dependency on
      a particular tag hook, but this doesn't work for extensions like
      TimedMediaHandler which affect the output but don't register a
      unique extension tag name.  Allow using 'extension:Foo' in the
      `hooks` clause to register a dependency on the specific extension name,
      instead of indirectly on the registered extension tag name.
      Change-Id: I2d3f7e1313b4456733f820e6d8c504bb8d7427a7